Saturday, 26 March 2011

Craft Expo Brisbane Best Large Stand Award

Punch with Judy
was yesterday awarded the
"Best Large Stand Award"
at the Brisbane CraftExpo!

Hey, how's that? We were so surprised yet so delighted. The new awards are voted by a panel who give points out of ten for a whole range of criteria such as accessibility, service to the customers, friendliness of staff, appearance, display, popularity, being ready on time before opening times, managing your account (means paying on time), participation in extra events (such as seminars etc) and things like that; so it's not just for the prettiest stand. Hence the satisfaction for effort! Just wanted to share this with you. There are official photos by the organizers but here's mine.

If you are in Brisbane surroundings, please visit the CraftExpo this weekend.  There are numerous stands offering all types of crafts for you to learn and purchase supplies for.  Seminars to attend and displays to see. Lots of fun with many new features such as the Prize Grab shown here.  Selected customer has to grab as many leaflets as possible in a "wind surround box" type affair as shown here.  Just one of many new features.  Or, have your photo taken with your head poking through a display stating "Shopper of the Year".  Now wouldn't that be a good one to take home and surprise your hubby with!!
There are plenty of people visiting the Show and the atmosphere is bubbling with enthusiasm.  We are delighted with the visitors attending knowing just how much suffering the community has been through due to the recent floods.  Some stories we are hearing from customers are unbelievable.  Hats off to all for visiting the Show and getting on with life.  You are incredible and we salute you.  Thank you for coming.

Come visit the CraftExpo this weekend from 10.00am to 4.30pm at the Brisbane Convention Centre, Southbank. The Organizers are donating $17,000 to the Lord Mayor Flood Relief Appeal.


  1. Congratulations Judy! Have a great show.

  2. Congratulations Judy, well done! For the first time in ages I won't be at the show clutching my show coupons, as we're away in the