Tuesday, 3 May 2011

AQC 2011 Gala Dinner

I mentioned in an earlier post that the Gala Dinner held on the Saturday night of the AQC is always a highlight, announcing the Major Awards Winners.  A great time is had by all and it is an evening whereby we socialize and relax from our busy show days and dance the night away.  I promised to share some images of us "letting our hair down" during this fabulous night of frivolity.

2011 Gala Dinner was hosted by a Dame Edna impersonator, made famous for her (his, really) comedian wit, love of Gladioli flowers, the Royal Family and supporting every Australian Housewife.  Dame Edna strutted on stage handing out her Gladiolii and entertained us with her humour and songs, including a duo with Greg Anderson, head of Bernina Sewing Machines Australia, singing "Fever" which brought the house down.

The "Bernina Girls" got us in the mood with their rendition, complete with actions, of "Baby, I Love You", referring to their Berninas.  Everyone joined in, though we suggested they shouldn't give up their day jobs!  We all sang, dined, wined and danced the night away.

We were all given beautiful Red Love Heart Shades and, of course, Gladiolii. Told you we "let our hair down"!!! Liz and I included.  They said I wouldn't be game to show this one taken so late into the night!

Remember to make sure you attend the AQC 2012 and
 enjoy yourself as much as all those who attended this year.

12th - 15th April 2012

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