Monday, 16 May 2011

Wagga to WA via Ayers Rock

This week Punch with Judy is exhibiting at the Craft & Quilt Fair in Perth, Western Australia, so I chose to fly via Ayers Rock in the hope that I may finally see for myself this incredibly amazing landmark so many tourists flock to see.  I was indeed fortunate that the weather was good, I had a window seat and on the correct side of the plane for better viewing.
Ayers Rock/Uluru, is the world's largest monolith and an Aboriginal sacred site and is most certainly Australia's most famous natural landmark.

I am so excited about seeing "THE ROCK" (the real one, since I also live in a little town called "The Rock"), for the first time so have to share the photos I took.  Now, they ARE through the window of the plane, so they were a little misty looking, so I "automatically corrected" the images and was delighted with the result making them look more like paintings.  Hope you enjoy.

Flying from Sydney, we flew directly across the centre of Australia, over Broken Hill and over Lake Eyre.  Lake Eyre seldom has water in it but due to good rains over several months last year and continuing this year, it has been flooded, causing many to trek to it to see this rarity.  Here's a snap I took with my Blackberry which I haven't touched up at all, so you may see the remaining stretches of water and what a wonderful sight it was to behold for ever so many klms as it took quite a while, even in the plane, to pass over the complete watered area.

I have spent the weekend with friends in Perth and today we enjoyed a leisure day visiting some areas in the northern suburbs of Perth.  Firstly though, we visited the Pinnaroo Valley Crematorium to lay some roses at my friend's parents' graves.  Now, you may think this strange for me to include this in my blog but this IS the place to lay at rest.  Beautiful bush-like setting, but all artificial flowers and no headstones.  Different?  If ever any overseas tourists wish to see Kangaroos up close and not have them run away from you, this is the place to take them.  They were in groups in several areas, hence no real flowers or they would eat them.  Note the plaques in the ground too.

Beautiful areas like this one with lakes, ducks and ever so much more.

The saddest thing I saw though, was a dear old lady sitting on a fold-up chair, reading presumably today's newspapers, facing a grave, with a bottle of water and some food in her bag beside her.  A few ducks just sitting around keeping her company.  I didn't have the heart to take her photo, though I would've liked to.  Obviously, she is missing someone and simply was sharing her day.  Don't you think that sad?

We also travelled through Burns Beach in absolute awe of the mansions built there and the views across the Ocean that they would have.  Joondalup Resort and Golf Course was another "ooh aah" area of mansions come palaces.  Had lunch at the famous Hillary's Boat Club area admiring many of the Launches for sale that with the same amount of dollars you could buy a great house for back at The Rock!

Remember!  Come visit us at Stand A01 to see us at the
CRAFT & QUILT FAIR, Perth Convention Exhibition Centre from Wed. 18th - Sun. 22nd May, 9.00am to 5.00pm daily.
Full details of my Daily Classes were on my last Newsletter, which you may view here.

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