Sunday, 29 May 2011

Stick Weaving

Once in a while a Craft emerges that is so easy and so much fun and is appealing to all ages.  Such is Stick Weaving!

Stick Weaving is a traditional weaving technique that is for those who like quick and easy crafts that look wonderful, fashionable, functional and are fun to do.  Most certainly suitable for all ages. 
If you want to see more projects that may be done with Stick Weaving visit my website, but there's ever so many more.  Fiona Hammond taught me how to do this appealing craft and I showed my granddaughters.  Fiona had a scarf project in Down Under Textiles Issue 2 last year which you may be interested in.  Weaving Sticks do come with instructions and cost only $15.00.

Please look at the sense of achievement on these four youngsters faces after attending our Craft Circle Class at the Perth Craft & Quilt Fair last week! All under 10 I might add! Punch with Judy is conducting a one hour hands-on class at each Craft & Quilt Fair during 2010 in which a scarf is commenced.  These girls are well on the way to completing same and were so very proud of themselves.  I told them I'd show the world on my Blog. You may email me to book for the ones at Darling Harbour, Sydney next month if you wish.  Daily at 12.30pm costing $15.00.  If you wish to purchase Weaving Sticks online, click here:

As per usual, the quilts on display were amazing.  I chose to capture some of the Australiana ones though to show you since we have so many International Visitors to my Blog.  These didn't win prizes at this show, though some have previously.  I hope these delight you.

Sorry I didn't get the name of the following quilt above nor the quiltmaker.  If someone can email me I shall most certainly add it as a postscript.  Here are some closeups.  I call it "Yesteryear".

Isn't the detail superb?

Jocelyne Leath from WA captured my attention with her "As The Seasons Change" showing scenes from her farm on the Hay River, Denmark, WA. Jocelyne is quite an accomplished quilter with many accolades to her name.

Another I failed to get the quiltmaker but obviously, Manjimup has just celebrated their Centenary.  Congratulations to the whole Township.

Ever so many towns in WA end in "up" which is Aboriginal for "meeting place".  Manjimup is in the Southern Forests area of Western Australia and is a famous tourist area.  Did you know that the popular "Pink Lady" Apple was created in Manjimup by John Cripps?

Couple of photos of our Stand at Perth Craft & Quilt Fair this year.
This magnificent stretch limousine called to pick us up on Saturday night outside the venue, unfortunately, the driver said there had been some mistake with the booking and mistaken surname!  Darn!  Take a look at the rainbow of lights under the car.  Seats 14 people which would work out at $35.00 each for an hour's lark.  John wants to do it next year just for fun!  (My apologies that the picture is so dark, but there was no lighting outside)

One of the other Exhibitors, Trev (Scissorman) delighted John with his thoughtfulness of purchasing for him a bottle of beer with a Punch and Judy label upon it.  Apparently, he spotted it in Canberra whilst shopping for 50 assorted labels to give to his friend who turned 50 so his present was 50 bottles of beer - each with a different label.  John was absolutely thrilled.  What a wonderful fraternity of Exhibitors we have!

Our Curve Master Online Course commences this week.  If you'd like to join us, please visit our website and enrol.  Full details are available there.  Six Lessons over six months $80.00
Sandy Chandler from Just Curves, the inventor of the Curve Master Presser Foot, together with myself, have assembled an inspirational six lessons that is an absolute eye-opener for using the Curve Master for quilt blocks with curves.  I do hope your join us if you wish to learn more about sewing quilts with curves!  Starts Wednesday 1st June.

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