Monday, 6 June 2011

Texture Art Festival is on again!
C'mon and join in the fun. 
There's nothing like a circus to provide a feast of colours, costumes and carnival atmosphere - textile artists from across Australia had no shortage of inspiration with the 2011 Art U wear challenge theme Circus Berserkus. Exploring the rich culture of circus life, the exhibition spans brilliant and bizarre, glittering and glamorous, freakish and fearless costumes! You've got to check it out yourself!

If you have a passion for fibre, yarn and fabric, this festival is for you. Dedicated to textiles, you'll find ideas, inspiration and supplies for knitting, sewing, felting, embroidery and anything in textile art that you can imagine. The event will incorporate retailers specialising in textile art materials, live demonstrations of textile art techniques and short workshops where visitors can get hands-on.

Visit us on Stand 144 - John and Liz are doing the Show this year whilst I stay home since the June Long Weekend is always a get together for my family in honour of our dear Mother.

But wait, there's more!  Not only will you see the amazing Textile Art Festival but simultaneously, under the one roof for the very first time, but you may also visit the Scrapbook & Papercraft Expo & Convention in the hall next door. So, that's TWO GREAT SHOWS for ONE TICKET!
Textile Art Festival
June 11 - 13, 2011, Saturday to Monday
Brisbane Convention & Exhibition Centre, Southbank
Open 9am to 5pm daily

REMINDER - Stands are smaller than normal Shows, so space & stock will be limited. 
Since it is a Textile Show, I shall be concentrating of products relevant for this special event. 
If you wish to have something especially brought to the Festival for collection, please email or order online before 4pm Monday 6th June - wouldn't like to disappoint you that I didn't have certain products.  Always like to help you save on postage, but please order TODAY!

Have to share some unusual news from the Farm this month.  Sheep are lambing, with lots of littlies baaaaing and playing, many twins, but look at these photos.  Quadruplets!!

Twas hard to get close enough to take a better photo without them fleeing.  Unusual for a "Mum" to be able to feed four.


  1. Jenny Caterson7 June 2011 at 16:24

    I love the photo. It brings back memories of our years on the land we miss it terribly How does that poor ewe cope with 4 must be hard feeding them

  2. Hi Jenny, unfortunately, since I took that photo, the smallest who was very lame, has gone to heaven. John had thought he was having trouble keeping up; nature answered. Mum seems to be doing well, there's plenty of feed around so she's in good health and in managing very well as we've been keeping an eye on her. I really don't want any "poddy" lambs to bottle feed. Judy