Saturday, 11 June 2011

Texture Magic/Krinkle Magic

We have been having loads of texturing fun with two products that shrink 30% when heat is applied resulting in a gorgeous crinkled effect in the fabric which may be changed with various stitching applications.  Either Texture Magic of Krinkle Magic may be used - so have a little fun and put some "pizzazz" into your projects!

Liz Anderson kindly gave me permission to share with you a scrumptious cushion she made using Krinkle Magic.  Liz said "I cut a square of Krinkle Magic two inches larger than I needed to allow for shrinkage; added a layer of pellon (thin batting) and topped it with a satin fabric.  Using the Walking Foot, I used a meandering machine stitch to sew rows about 1 1/2" apart both horizontally and vertically, thus forming a grid.  I steamed the fabric from the right side to shrink it all" (remember, you can't have the iron touch the fabric).
The flower was made using a machine embroidery disc called "Raising Flowers"from my Husqvarna Design range." Congratulations Liz, this looks tremendous and we are so grateful for your generosity in sharing it with us.

Now, another Liz, who works for me, tried some quilting designs from Jenny Haskins CD "3D Embroidery Magic" and we all agreed that having a layer of pellon sandwiched between the Krinkle Magic and the Fabric made all the difference.  Here's a photo with and without the pellon. 

Just love the puffy effect of the quilted design.  Has so many applications.  I shall be adding a tutorial later this week on my website of how to make three-dimensional flowers using Texture Magic and our Stencil Burner

"Ducks on the Pond" is a common phrase used in the country when the men are together, maybe in the shearing shed, as they notice a female approaching, referring to "watch the language, we have a lady in our prescence"!  However, this time, I literally mean "Ducks on the Pond" - well, dam, actually.  When walking today, there were literally hundreds of ducks on our dam - here they are in flight as I approached, disturbing them.  Note, there are as many left sitting on the banks and that's not counting the ones who'd already flown away. 

Also a lot of cranes - maybe Janny you could add a note if your husband recognizes them and can give us a proper name?  Can you see them scattered amongst the branches of the gum tree?  Note the beautiful sky today - and this is winter!

Drove down to The Rock this morning to pick up some groceries for the long weekend and there were umpteen dozen Vintage Cars along the main street on their way to somewhere for an outing for this Queen's Birthday Weekend.  Didn't have my camera but did have my mobile phone.  Note also the beautiful big trees that line the main road of our little township.  Also, the magnificent old building that used to be a pub in years gone by but is now a private residence and they've done a great job in restoration.  I believe inside is incredible, though never seen it myself. 

Enjoy the long weekend everyone and if you are in Brisbane, visit the Textile Art Festival and Scrapbooking Festival, both at the Brisbane Exhibition Convention Centre until 5pm on Monday.  Two Shows for the price of one.  John is on our Stand, Punch with Judy, on Stand 144.

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