Monday, 30 September 2013

Shearing on the Weekend - Farm News

Beautiful weather on the weekend so was the perfect time for shearing.  I know you like to be kept up to date with our Farm News as separate from our "other" life in the quilting and sewing world.

Country is still showing a green velvet cover and contrasts to the bright yellow canola crops in bloom.
It is difficult to hire shearers for a small flock so it is with gratitude that our sheep have now been shorn.

Waiting patiently in the shearing shed pens.

It is a back breaking job and some of the sheep are more like little ponies!

John throwing a fleece onto the table to be cleaned of the "dirty" bits!

Lorraine, a friend from The Rock came up with her husband Leo to help and thank goodness they did.  They brought their few sheep up to be shorn too.  They own the Alpacas we have on loan hoping they ward off the numerous foxes stalking around.  Lorraine got some practice throwing the fleece and looks pleased with her effort - happy to land it on the table and sort of spread out.

Little lambs bleeting for Mum who has just lost her wool and looks different - so is it really you Mum?

Thought you may like to see how the little emu chicks are growing too.


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