Saturday, 26 October 2013

Craft & Quilt Fair Brisbane, Best of Show 2013

Quilts on display at the Brisbane Craft & Quilt Fair this year were the best range of diversification and quilting skills I've seen at a show for sometime.

The Bernina Best of Show was awarded to PAM HILL for her "ON THE WING" which I have previously shown you in one of my blogs, but I was delighted to share some of the excitement with Pam as, for this show, her quilt was in the correct category allowing her the recognition it so rightly deserves.
Selected from the Art Category by a Professional, Pam said making this quilt was exciting but at times emotional but worth the anxious moments to finally have such a quilt completed.

Pam said "The whole cloth design was inspired by a photo taken from my top deck of swallows circling and dipping in the pool.  The background has been painted using a combination of Inktense pens and blocks, Pearl Ex pigment powder and silver Ink Fusion fabric medium.

Would you believe there are 3,500 Swarovski Crystals added to give the final sparkle?
Amazing! Congratulation Pam.

I do have many photos to share with you of other quilts at the show, but that won't be for a few weeks as this week I am attending the International Quilt Festival in Houston, USA, so will want to share some of those with you too.  Promise I will return to Brisbane as soon as possible.

I am always amazed with the talented people amongst my customers. Jane has been making reproduction clothing for sometime and now proudly has her daughter, Angela, involved as well.  Jane has kindly given permission to share this devine photo with you since she has used our Pleatmaker for the pleated trims.
What a proud Mum she is to be able to share such a hobby with her daughter.  Jane and Angela are photographed here in two of their magnificent outfits.

Another obliging customer permitted me to take a snap of the beautifully feminine blouse she was wearing because I was admiring the frilly flower trimmed neckline saying it was similar to flowers I had just been showing how to make in a demonstration on Nifty Notions stand.  See? One may make the same as one off the rack!

The Women's Weekly magazine were there as part of their 80th Birthday Celebrations.  Helen McCabe, the Editor and Bryce Colbert, the News Editor interviewed me on stage as an Australian Craftswomen with a story - very interested in our "other" life as emu farmers. They were two very professional interviewers yet so pleasant and easy-going making it quite a relaxed, informal 30 minutes.  I thank them!

Had to share these with you too.  
The new walkway at Sydney's Qantas Airport.  Great Idea!

So, next I shall report from HOUSTON!

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