Thursday, 7 August 2014

Victorian Quilters Showcase - continuing

Apologies for the delay in continuing with quilts from the Victorian Quilters Showcase in Melbourne's Craft & Quilt Fair in June, just had a few shows in quick succession after such.
So, back to some wonderful quilts on display, courtesy of permission from the Victorian Quilters Association - do consider joining them as a member.

Last Blog I showed the Winner of the Traditional Two Person Amateur and Professional, let me show you more winners.

Runner-Up was awarded to CHRISTINE HOGAN 
for her quilt "BED OF ROSES"
Christine said she made it twice because the first time her dog chewed holes in it. Wouldn't THAT make you cry? Glad you tried again Christine! Machine pieced and machine quilted on a track mounted system with stitch regulator by Karen Terrens.
Quilt Measures 204cm x 259cm

The Traditional Two Person Both Professional Runner Up 
was awarded to 

English Paper Piecing technique together with the traditional design of Trip Around the World - an obvious combo for a travel project.  It is hand pieces and machine quilted on a track mounted system with computer assisted stitch software by Rose Martin. (Sorry, my closeup photo was not clear enough to publish here)
Quilt Measures 155cm x 155cm 

In the same section there was a lovely DOUBLE WEDDING RING quilt which received a HIGHLY COMMENDED AWARD.
LYN ROSE said she started her quilt 25 years ago and just finished it last year. Hope for us all yet, hey? Lyn made it from fabric given by friends and left overs from her children's sewn garments.
Quilted by Mulberry Lane
Quilt Measures 150cm x 150cm
Last Blog I showed you the Best of Show which was the winner of the Traditional Professional Section, well here is the Runner-Up.
Helen said her quilt was started in a class with Brigitte Giblin at the AQC in 2009 and it was her own choice of colour and basic design. Machine appliqued and pieced and machine quilted on a track mounted system.
Quilt Measures 162cm x 162cm

There were two HIGHLY COMMENDED quilts in this section too.
JOANNE LAWRENCE also won the Judges Award for her quilt "PIETRA DURA"
Joanne said "my own original design inspired by the hard-stone inlay technique of Pietra Dura which first appearded in Rome in the 16th Century. The Florentines perfected it and by early 17th Century it had reached India. It was used extensively on the Taj Mahal." Hand appliqued and pieced and machine quilted on a track mounted system with stitch regulator.
Quilt Measures 158.5cm x 158.5cm

Cindy said "the negative spaces in this quilt just lend themselves to heavy quilting. I used 2 layers of batting for extra loft. Hand pieced and machine quilted on a stationery machine."
Quilt Measures 146cm x 178cm

First Place in the MAINLY APPLIQUE Two Person Amateur/Professional Section 
was awarded to ROBYN FAGAN 
for her quilt "SMITHSONIAN STARS"
Robyn said "my own design, inspired by a quilt in the Smithsonian National Museum of American History, Reverse Applique Quilt". Hand appliqued, machine pieced and machine quilted on a track mounted system with stitch regulator by Elizabeth Zabinksi.
Quilt Measures 167cm x 167cm

ANTHEA BRADLEY won with her 
"AUSTRALIAN BEAUTY" in the same section as above.
Anthea said "my interpretation of Margo Hardie's quilt using needle turn applique (stuffed). Hand appliqued and machine quilted on a track mounted system by Desley Maisano. 
Quilt Measures 175cm x 175cm

Now, since the Melbourne Craft & Quilt Fair, I have attended the Sydney and Hobart ones too. So hard to keep up showing you all these quilts but I will, but I want to do so in order, so more to come as I know you enjoy viewing them all. Hope you are patient!

If you read my Newsletter recently, you will know that we received two awards at the inaugural Australia Craft Industry Awards. View it here on my website. One for the BEST CRAFT RETAILER for 2014 and one for the BEST NEW PRODUCT OR SERVICE for 2014 for TERIAL MAGIC SPRAY

They video-taped my presentation of the Terial Magic Spray at that show and it has been released today on the Into Craft e-Newsletter. A 30 min demo cut to a third of that time, but you'll be able to follow it and learn about this wonderful product. View it here.  TERIAL MAGIC SPRAY


  1. Oh how to quilt, as these quilters have done.How beautiful the quilts are, I congratulate the quilters who have given there 'all' to achieve outstanding results. I all think you for bringing these pictorials to us through your 'blog'.

  2. Should have been ' I also thank you' take care.

  3. They are indeed amazing Effie. I shall add some more today. Sometimes I wonder between their different methods of quilting with today's machines. Would be an interesting topic to debate everyone. Judy